Brain Cancer

Patient: Female, Age 34Y

Location: DIS CP

Report based on MRI scan on July 29, 2004 (Before My Treatment):

TECHNIQUE: Multisequence unenhanced and enhanced images of the brain were obtained. Comparison was made to the Jan 22, 2004 and Sept 10, 2003 studies.

There is no apparent significant interval change in the extent or appearance of the white matter signal abnormality within the right anterior frontal lobe extending superiorly from the level of the bodies of the lateral ventricles. There is no associated abnormal enhancement. Few scattered whie matter lesions appear stable.

Ventricles are within normal limits.


Stable imaging appearance of the brain.

Report based on MRI scan on Sep 03, 2010 (After My Treatment):

Multiple sequences were performed through the brain. Gadolinium enhanced T1 sequences were performed.

There is an area of decreased T1 and increased T2 signal in the right frontal lobe predominantly involving the white matter beneath the middle frontal gyrus but extending into the white matter of the middle frontal gyrus. There is no associated mass effect and no gadolinium enhancement. Remainder of the brain appears normal.

CONCLUSION: In comparison to the August 19, 2002 CT study, this lesion certainly has not increased in size, in fact, may be slightly decreased. There is no associated enhancement. The remainder of the brain appears normal.

If a tumor was present, then it has shrunken considerably perhaps in response to treatment. If no previous tumor was present, then this represents an area of gliosis or demyelination and would be very unlikely to represent a tumor since there is lack of mass effect.